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Fortinet Authorized Partner

Strategic Planning &

Project Management

Whether you are starting a business and building a network from scratch or looking to improve your company‚Äôs IT infrastructure, gravTech Solutions will evaluate your needs and current systems to create a customized solution to fit your business.  We will then develop a plan for implementing the solution and manage the project from beginning to end.


Have a server that needs replacing?  We can provide the hardware to meet your needs and have the expertise to configure it to the exact specifications to match your needs.  Software that needs implementing or upgrading?  We will put together a plan to meet your expectations, manage the project, and complete the work meeting the deadlines set in the plan.


Still running PCs on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1?  July 29th, 2016 is the deadline to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  Take advantage of this opportunity now and avoid costly upgrading fees after the deadline has passed.  We will evaluate your software to make sure it runs on Windows 10 and if so, put together a plan to upgrade your PCs.


All of our project work is designed to minimize the impact of day to day operation.  Night and weekend work is available if needed to complete projects without interruption of your daily operation.