Grennville Chambe Investor

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Fortinet Authorized Partner


With 14 years in corporate America supporting a network with 4 major hubs, 5 minor hubs and a nationwide salesforce, we have the expertise to design a network as big or small as you need it to be.  We offer remote office VPN and remote desktop solutions to allow remote users to access your network from home or the road.  Multiple offices can communicate via a secure tunnel across the Internet with our site-to-site VPN solutions, allowing users in one office to access files on servers or devices in another office.  For businesses who wish to host their own webpage or FTP server, we offer DMZ service to create a secure buffer between your internal office and those accessing the webpages or Files on the FTP server from the outside.  For larger companies we offer VLAN solutions to segment your internal network protecting sensitive data like HR or financial files from those outside of those departments.  Regardless of your networking requirements, gravTech solutions can design, impliment and maintain a network that fits yyour needs.