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Securing the data on your network is critical for maintaining a competitive advantage as well as preventing law suits stemming from data breaches.  Just as you would dress in layers to climb Mt Everest, we offer multiple layers of security to protect your data and trade secrets.  We protect your data at three basic levels, the network level, the PC/Server level and the data level.  We offer a range of solutions for each of these levels. 

The first line of defense is to protect your network and this begins with a good, properly configured firewall.  We offer a range of firewall solutions based on the size of your office, the speed of your internet connection, and the features you want.  Even if you already own a firewall, chances are there are changes we can make to the configuration to make it even more secure.  In addition to the firewall we offer web filtering products that will filter all web traffic to prevent viruses and malware from entering your network.  These services can also filter web traffic to prevent your users from accessing sites based on categories like gambling, social networking, personal email and dozens more.

The second line of defense is to protect the equipment were the data resides: the Servers and the PC’s that are accessing those servers.  The number one threat to these devices is a new form of malware called ransomware.  This is software that will encrypt all of the data that an infected PC has access to, whether it be local or on a server.  These encrypted files are for all intents and purposes destroyed and held ransom unless you pay the hacker a fee for the encryption code.  We offer Antivirus/Antimalware solutions to prevent this kind of attack as well as traditional virus and malware attacks.  In addition to third party software designed to prevent these attacks it is crucial that your PCs and servers stay up to date with all of the security patches available for their operating systems.  We provide solutions to not only keep them up to date but also monitor the systems for pending hardware failure and other problems that arise, often allowing us to prevent problems before they even happen.  This product also provides monthly reporting on the health and security level of all of your equipment.

The last line of defense is protecting the data stored on your devices.  We can protect your data from