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Comprehensive IT Solutions for your business

Providing comprehensive IT solutions, including design and implementation of networks, servers, and virtual environments; security; email and website hosting; Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and AWS; and desktop/printer support.  Utilize my 20+ years of experience in the field to take care of your IT environment so you can focus on what you do best to grow your business.


With our experience in Enterprise Level Networking, gravTech solutions can plan a network to deliver services other small business contractors can't.  With remote options like Remote User VPN, Site-to-Site VPN and Remote Desktop, we’ll keep your users connected whether in the office or on the road.


With all of the security breaches at major corporations recently, security is at the forefront of IT priorities.  Just as you would dress in layers to hike Mt. Everest, we use layers of security to protect your business.  With options to protect at the network level, PC/Server level and data level, as well as data continuity, gravTech Solutions offers the layers of protection needed to protect your business.



The cloud is the future of computing.  We offer a wide array of cloud solutions including hosted servers, hosted application support, online data repositories allowing data to be accessed anywhere in the world, file/sync and backups.  Let gravTech Solutions help you utilize the power of the cloud to streamline your business and increase productivity.

Strategic Planning &

Project Management

No project is too big or too small for gravTech Solutions.  It's right there in our name: you have a project, we provide solutions.  Utilize our knowledge to plan your systems or upgrades and allow us to manage the project to completion on time with as little interruption of your daily routines as needed.  Ask us how we can save you money upgrading your systems to Windows 10.

Messaging &


Your contact with your clients and vendors is the lifeblood of your business.  We provide and support a full range of solutions including e-mail, phone service, instant messaging solutions, webinars and video conferencing.  Don’t miss out on that next lead due to technical problems, let gravTech Solutions provide you with solutions offering 99.9% uptime.

Hardware &

Virtual Environments

If messaging is the lifeblood of your business, hardware is the muscle.  Not only can we help you determine what hardware is needed, we offer hardware sales, support, preventative maintenance, monitoring, reporting and more.  Virtual environments offer many cost saving advantages: cost to purchase and maintenance of hardware, faster maintenance on virtual servers, quicker turnaround time on new servers.  Let gravTech Solutions use our experience in the virtual world to leverage the benefits of virtual environments.